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Dartford Grammar School For Boys

Dartford / United Kingdom

dartford grammar school for boys A boys grammar school

Pupils' Art Works

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ALFRED MOORE, 13yrs   Shell
Anthony Nedelchev, 17yrs   Gurkin
Dominic Monteith, 17yrs   white shell
Robert Mathers, 17yrs   coloured bottles
Camara Perry, 17yrs   disguise
Chris Jessop, 17yrs   bottles
Ringo Lau, 17yrs   masks
Noah Oudkerk, 17yrs   london skyline
Ernie Chan, 17yrs   tools
Noah Oudkerk, 17yrs   urban landscape
Harry Jordan, 17yrs   buildings print
Lewis Powell, 18yrs   landscape
Dan Botton, 18yrs   ultra violet
Aaron Roberts, 15yrs   dress
Collaberative work yr 9, 14yrs  
Harrison Thurlow, 18yrs  
collaberative work, 14yrs