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Dwight School London

London / United Kingdom

Dwight School London It is a leading independent, international school and is accredited as an International Baccalaureate (IB) Open World School. It was one of the first schools in the UK to offer the full IB to local and international students aged from 3 to 18 and it is currently the UK’s only school recognised as an Open World School able to support older students in accessing IB Diploma courses online.

Pupils' Art Works

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Keren Strassburg, 14yrs   Self Portrait
Rei Kuwajima, 16yrs   Celebration
Rei Kuwajima, 16yrs    A boy in a train
Lulu Honey Hayward, 17yrs   doesn\'t exist in paris
Portia, 13yrs   silhouettes
Rhett Williams-Lee, 15yrs   Mother Earth
Gustav Hagild Stefansen, 18yrs   Meat/ ‘Performance 1’ + ‘Performance 2’
Lucas Gabellini-Fava, 16yrs   Bee Keeper
Lucas Gabellini-Fava, 16yrs   Plastic (Dyptich)
Lucas Gabellini-Fava, 16yrs   Goin\' Down Slow
Lucas Gabellini-Fava, 16yrs   SAPTTMOAB
Lucas Gabellini-Fava, 16yrs   Subliminal
Mana Morikawa, 17yrs   Seabed walk
Zaki Hirji, 16yrs   Constitutional Contrasts
Gustav Hagild Stefansen, 18yrs   ‘Self Portrait Blue’
Hannah Strauss, 16yrs   Kaleidoscope
Hannah Strauss, 16yrs   Lost
Hannah Strauss, 16yrs   Yellow Leaf
Lulu Honey Hayward, 17yrs   Hopes I can\'t crush
Lulu Honey Hayward, 17yrs   sad we couldn\'t go any deeper, something tells me you_re a keeper
Lucas Gabellini-Fava, 16yrs   Lost at Sea 1
Lucas Gabellini-Fava, 16yrs   Lost at Sea 2
Gage Strauss , 10 yrs   Autumn
Gage Strauss , 10 yrs   Cyanotype
Petro Georgious, 14yrs   Greek Seasoning\'s
Petro Georgious, 14yrs   Lunch Table
Petro Georgious, 14yrs   Tea
Petro Georgious, 14yrs   Imagine
Saule Biguzaite, 12yrs   Feather Dance
Theano Belesis, 12yrs   A Thinking Wolf
Kai Sharabani, 12yrs   Peace Birds
Vanessa Qian, 12yrs   The Winter Village
Chantelle Williams Lee, 13yrs   The Serpent\'s Sanctuary
Chantelle Williams Lee, 14yrs   Hidden in Darkness
Yuki Morimoto, 14yrs  
Lydia M. Testa, 16yrs   Henna Hand
Gustav Hagild Stefansen, 18yrs   White Painting
Malak Bahig, 14yrs   Lines of Perspective
Shoala Ilyas-Jarrett, 18yrs   Self Portrait of the Soul
Gustav Hagild Stefansen, 18yrs   ‘Pompeia’