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Pate's Grammar School

Cheltenham / United Kingdom

Pate\'s Grammar School Pate's is a mixed grammar school of around 1000 pupils where creativity is valued and Art is a popular subject. The department is well resourced and students are encouraged to work independently using a wide range of media and processes.

Pupils' Art Works

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Izzy Avery, 18yrs   Almost at times the fool
Zara Von Benzon, 18yrs  
Izzy Avery, 18yrs  
Alice Lord, 18yrs  
Alice Gwynn, 17yrs  
Amy Jackson, 17yrs  
Paige Grisley, 18yrs  
Dhiya Benny, 15yrs  
Lawrence Sharpe, 17yrs  
Patrick Burgess, 14yrs  
Billie Pritchard, 17yrs  
Olivia Bouzyk, 18yrs  
Grace Keffler, 17yrs