30th anniversary
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Felsted School

Dunmow / United Kingdom

Felsted School Felsted is a co-educational day and boarding independent school for ages 3-18. This year marks the school's 450th anniversary celebrated through a number of events culminating in a visit from Her Majesty the Queen.

Pupils' Art Works

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Johanna Spitzy-Joop, 17yrs   The birth of liberty
Izi Ditchburn, 16yrs   Daisy
Izi Ditchburn, 16yrs   Ash Keys
Izi Ditchburn, 16yrs   Mushroom
Elena Deetjen, 17yrs  
Johanna Spitzy-Joop, 17yrs   Inner structure
Elicia Carrington, 16yrs  
Johanna Spitzy-Joop, 17yrs   Silken Drop
Paula Lenze, 15yrs  
Yuchen Liang, 18yrs  
Izabella Wiggins, 16yrs  
Elena Deetjen, 17yrs  
Elena Deetjen, 17yrs  
George Pickard, 16yrs  
Daisy Robins, 16yrs  
Clara von Heintze, 17yrs   We can be birds of a feather
Clara von Heintze, 17yrs   Stars fade from your eyes
Ronan Willis, 15yrs   Bella in nature
Elicia Carrington, 16yrs  
Ella Woodmore, 15yrs  
Natasha Lufkin, 15yrs  
Hannah A'Violet, 15yrs  
Emily Wilkes, 17yrs  
Emily Illhardt, 15yrs   Flowers
Izi Ditchburn, 17yrs  
Johanna Spitzy-Joop, 17yrs  
Jemma Brabrook, 18yrs   Poverty (Part 1)
Jemma Brabrook, 18yrs   Affluency (Part 2)
Ishaan Kapoor, 16yrs   Hong Kong skyline
Zoe Reynolds, 15yrs  
Katie Cload, 17yrs  
Katie Cload, 17yrs  
Anna Lane, 17yrs   Flooded landscape, Essex
Amelia Hopkins, 16yrs   The life model