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Blundell's School

Tiverton / United Kingdom

Blundell\'s School Blundell’s is a co-educational independent school for full, weekly and flexi boarding and day pupils from ages 11 to 18. The school combines strong academic achievement and excellent facilities with the best pastoral care: the welfare and happiness of our pupils is a top priority. The deep and enduring friendships formed at Blundell’s, fostered by the school’s fantastic community spirit, together with the intellectual, physical and cultural interests they develop here, provide our pupils with skills for life.

Pupils' Art Works

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Freya Slack, 17yrs   Scargill
Freya Slack, 17yrs   Thatcher
Rex Southwick, 17yrs   Study of the female form
Rex Southwick, 17yrs  
Rex Southwick, 17yrs  
Rex Southwick, 17yrs  
Rex Southwick, 17yrs   Debajo de tu piel vive la luna
Rex Southwick, 17yrs  
Ice Foongvanich, 14yrs  
Marcus Lloyd, 13yrs  
Milly Curtis, 13yrs  
Mariia Karpova, 11yrs  
Christabel Yan, 15yrs  
Imogen Cotton, 15yrs  
Clara Greenfield, 14yrs  
Jack Klinkenberg, 14yrs  
Nathan Hughes, 15yrs  
Eliza Roberts, 14yrs  
Frankie Hartley, 14yrs  
Judit Lam, 17yrs  
Judit Lam, 17yrs  
Judit Lam, 17yrs  
Judit Lam, 17yrs  
Annie Hibberd, 17yrs  
Ivan Leung, 17yrs  
Tash Finchett, 17yrs  
Cameron Falinski, 17yrs  
Eva Lloyd, 16yrs  
Alix Mountbatten, 16yrs  
George Cochrane, 12yrs  
Rex Southwick, 17yrs  
Georgina Frankpitt, 16yrs  
Jessie Zhu, 16yrs  
Lars Fricke, 15yrs  
Cecilia Cheng, 15yrs  
Julia Huntingford, 15yrs  
Oscar Kolowski, 15yrs