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Oakbrook Preparatory School

Spartanburg / United States

Oakbrook Preparatory school Private Non-denominational Scool which have around 430 students, from elementary to high school. We are located in South Carolina.

Pupils' Art Works

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Jimin Lee, 15yrs   Wisdom
Jackson Evans, 18yrs   One day at a time
Robert Caldwell III, 18yrs   Dreams
Morgan McCarver, 17yrs   Dreams
Morgan McCarver , 17yrs   Goddess
Jimin Lee, 15yrs   Selfie by my BFF
Sara Caroline Faucett, 13yrs   Street Art #2
Jackson Evans , 18yrs   Country
Jackson Evans, 18yrs   Thirsty
Jimin Lee, 15yrs   Half
Robert Caldwell III, 17yrs   Propaganda
Alex Bridges, 17yrs   Frustration
Alex Bridges, 17yrs   agree
Maggie macdonald, 17yrs   Seaside Funtime
Robert Caldwell III, 18yrs   Into the Water
Robert Caldwell III, 18yrs   Mountain Day Trip
Robert Caldwell III, 18yrs   Woodside Picnic
Jimin Lee, 15yrs   Wall Street
Natalie long, 15yrs   Out of the Sea
Morgan McCarver, 17yrs   Alt Oesterreich
Morgan McCarver, 17yrs   Deutsche Blumen
Morgan McCarver, 17yrs   Melt My Heart