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The Harrodian School

London / United Kingdom

The Harrodian School The Harrodian is an exciting, vibrant and high-achieving learning environment that lays firm academic foundations for our pupils and prepares them for a positive and confident transition into the adult world. Pupils are inspired to succeed and excel in all levels of their academic studies, as well as to develop a broad range of interests and skills. The school is a friendly and warm educational community, which encourages pupils' individuality whilst providing a unique environment in which to foster close and long-lasting friendships.

Pupils' Art Works

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Ben Joscelyne, Age 17yrs   Wrath
Violet Lewis, Age 17yrs   Joy
Milo Draco, Age 17yrs   Control
Harriet Breton, Age 18yrs   Repetition
Rosie Goodchild, Age 17yrs   Obsession
Ceinwen Cheng, Age 15yrs   Apart or together
Francesca Mackay, Age 17yrs   Personal struggles
Francesca Mackay, Age 17yrs   Personal struggles
George Browne, Age 17yrs   Damien Hirst
Milo Draco, Age 17yrs   ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’