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The Baltimore School For The Arts

Baltimore / United States

The Baltimore School for the Arts Founded in 1980, the Baltimore School for the Arts (BSA) is a four-year high school with a unique mission: to provide young people who aspire to a career in the arts with intensive, pre-professional training in the arts combined with a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum. Students at the school pursue one of four disciplines - the visual arts, music (vocal or instrumental), theatre (acting or theatre production), and dance - along with a challenging academic curriculum.

Pupils' Art Works

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Katherine Horst, 15yrs   Catnap
Katherine Horst, 15yrs   Territorial
Katherine Horst, 15yrs   Winter Fox Hunt
Katherine Horst, 15yrs   Old Horse
Katherine Horst, 15yrs   Henry
Katherine Horst, 15yrs   Heart Pendant