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Beaumont School

St Albans / United Kingdom

Beaumont School Beaumont School is a lovely school set in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Students range from Yr7 to Yr13 and Art is an important and popular subject at our school.

Pupils' Art Works

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Rasha Khoyi, 17yrs   \'LIBBeration\'
Libby Wheatcroft, 16yrs   Black and White
Sarah Chamberlain, 17yrs   Lucy
Frankie Cross, 16yrs   Prince of Wales Theatre
Megan Hodges, 16yrs   Daria
Izzy Bloomfield, 16yrs   50 Shades of Green
Georgia Parrett, 17yrs   Emotion
Ciara Kerr, 17yrs   Self Portrait
Imi Glass, 17yrs   In the Eye
Ellen Smith, 17yrs   Bruce