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Homewood School And Sixth Form Centre

Tenterden / United Kingdom

Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre Mixed Comprehensive/Academy
2500+ students
Leading school in Teaching and Learning

Pupils' Art Works

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Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Construction
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   London at Night
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Bird
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Stop Motion
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Drink Driving
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Ramblers
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Perspective
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Crash and Burn
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Into the Unknown
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Street Cred
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   London Bridge Light Streams
Karrigan, Welleryrs   Flower
Karrigan, Welleryrs   Stunt Planes in flight
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Red Arrows at the ready
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   In Flight
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Formation
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   United
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Formation 2
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Flower
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Butterfly
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Closer
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   It\'s the little things
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Daisies
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Landscape
karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Coastline
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   The Bay
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Real or Fake?
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Pebbles
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Seagulls
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Star Fish
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Snakes
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Sunset
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Snake
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Communication
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Pink Flower
Karrigan Weller, 14yrs   Yellow Flower
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Bee
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Cow
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Close up
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Paris
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   The Thinker
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Squirrel
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Tower Bridge
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Train
Charlie Relph, 14yrs   Train
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Racing
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Classic
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   I\'m watching you
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Spilt Milk
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Blossom
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Seagull
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Fungi
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Nature in Bloom
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Daisies
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Small is Beautiful
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Street Life
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Street Life 2
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Street Life 3
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Street Life 4
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Street Life 5
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Barriers
Sam perkins, 14yrs   Nature Nurture
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Captive
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Skies the Limit
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   The Outing
Sam perkins, 14yrs   There is no Limit
Sam Perkins, 14yrs   Farm Life
Jamie Turner, 13yrs   Bath Bomb
Jamie Turner, 13yrs   Dissolve
Jamie Turner, 13yrs   Bath Bomb 2
Jamie Turner, 13yrs   Dissolve 2
Jack Perkins, 14yrs   Blue Flowers
Jack Perkins, 14yrs   Flower
Jack Perkins, 14yrs   Isolated Flower
Jack Perkins, 14yrs   Mini Flowers
Jack Perkins, 14yrs   Petals
Jack Perkins, 14yrs   Purple Flower
Jack Perkins, 14yrs   Rock
Jack Perkins, 14yrs   Spikey Thing
Jamie Turner, 13yrs   fusion
Jamie Turner, 13yrs   Dissolve 2
Jamie Turner, 13yrs   Fusion 3
Jamie Turner, 13yrs   Fusion Bubble
Jamie Turner, 13yrs   Fuse and Divide