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Monmouth Comprehensive School

Monmouth / United Kingdom

Monmouth Comprehensive school Monmouth Comprehensive School achieved seven grade ones in its 2010 Estyn inspection, has exceptionally capable staff and is proud to be fully comprehensive. With a student body of over 1600, MCS has a thriving Sixth Form of over 350 students.

Pupils' Art Works

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James Whittaker, 16yrs   party
Kathryn Leigh, 18yrs   Disintegration of self
Hannah Pope, 14yrs   self portrait
Chloe Dunmore, 16yrs   portrait
Poppy Sproul, 16yrs   my horse
Harry Sully, 14yrs   android self
Oriane Pierrepoint, 18yrs   figure study
Oriane Peirrepoint, 18yrs   living with my Nans Alzheimers
Mary Hamlton, 18yrs   organic forms
Annie Aston, 17yrs   Joe
Annie Aston, 17yrs   Mum
Thea Ward, 17yrs   Geometric forms 1
Thea Ward, 17yrs   Geometric form 2
Thea Ward, 17yrs   Geometric Form 3
Kelsey Thomas, 16yrs   Terrarium
Fleur Williams, 17yrs   Jacket 1
Fleur Williams, 17yrs   Jacket 2 reclaimed
Bradley Smith, 16yrs   Castles
Jaisy Davies, 16yrs   self Identity
Cassie De St. Croix, 13yrs   andriod self
Gruffudd Drury, 13yrs   Andriod Self
Beth Kinniment-Williams, 14yrs   Andriod Self
Amber Love, 13yrs   Andriod self
Leonora Ellis, 14yrs   spider
Annie Tattersdill, 14yrs   Natural form
Andrew Cole, 13yrs   Spider