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The Brook Special Primary School

London / United Kingdom

The Brook Special Primary School Our vision for the Brook is a simple one. With an innovative, inclusive approach and a huge continuum of needs, pupils live and learn together in an aspirational environment, where every one of those needs are met. Visual Arts have always been on top of the agenda at The Brook as we were awarded Artsmark Gold in 2015. Some of the submitted Artworks were created by children with severe visual impairment, profound and severe learning difficulties, cerebral palsy and autism. Visual Arts is for them of a huge importance as it helps students to express themselves using a sensory approach mixing a wide variety of media such as: Digital Art (interactive whiteboard), Eye Gaze System, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, DT and Collage. All media are interconnected and individually selected by students.

Pupils' Art Works

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Poppy p1, 8yrs   untitled
Swift p1, 11yrs   untitled
Swift p1, 11yrs   untitled
Swift p1, 11yrs   untitled
Daisy p1, 8yrs   untitled
Swift p2, 11yrs   Solar Portrait
Kingfisher p1, 9yrs   moster
Daffodil p1, 7yrs   untitled
Poppy p2, 10yrs   Glitch Art
Daisy p2, 7yrs   My mark
Daisy p1, 8yrs   festive composition
Poppy p2, 10yrs   untitled