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Hallfield School

Birmingam / United Kingdom

Hallfield School Hallfield School is a flourishing co-educational independent day school (3 months – 11+ years) in the leafy and attractive outskirts of Edgbaston.

Since 1879, Hallfield has offered a stimulating and challenging curriculum for boys (and since 1995 for girls) to enable them to grow, develop and learn in a happy and purposeful environment.

Pupils' Art Works

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Ethan, 8yrs   Self Portrait
Keira, 8yrs   Self Portrait
Sophie, 8yrs   Self Portrait
Tobias, 9yrs   Artist in a Box - Damien Hirst
Aparna, 10 yrs   Artist in a box - Georgia O\'Keeffe
Rohan, 9yrs   Artist in a Box - Vincent Van Gogh
Jackson, 9yrs   Artist in a Box - Jackson Pollock
Rajan, 9yrs   Artist in a Box - Bridget Riley
Zach, 9yrs   Artist in a Box - Lisa Kokin
Elliot, 8yrs   Tessellating Shapes
Thalia, 8yrs   Tessellating Shapes
Allegra, 9yrs   Tessellating Shapes
Safa, 9yrs   Tessellating Shapes