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High View Primary School

London / United Kingdom

High View Primary School We aim to achieve unity in our school community through a shared vision and core values. Our school vision is ‘To enable all children to realise their full potential’. We are committed to creative development with cultural studies given high priority through specialist staff in sport, music, language, digital media and art.

Pupils' Art Works

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Russell Sigalat, 10yrs   Lonely wolf
Yusha'a Patel , 9yrs   Winged car
Taylor Billingham , 9yrs   Underwater jungle
Naomi Hunter Cheddick , 10yrs   Flying fish
Smilte Balciunaite , 9yrs   Ladies of the castles
Vicky Gao, 10yrs   Dragonfly
Omar Bushara , 10yrs   Scorpion chase
Jaynie King , 10yrs   Fishfox