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Windsor Girls School

Windsor / United Kingdom

Windsor Girls School Windsor Girls School is a non selective state secondary school for girls aged 13-18 in Windsor, Berkshire.

Pupils' Art Works

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Faye Macaree, 15yrs   Faye
Shamama Ghafoor, 16yrs   Religion, Culture and Identity
Esme Bonney , 16yrs   The Scream
Sophie Holmes, 14yrs   Natural Forms; The sea turtle
Amy Jefferies , 16yrs   The Family
Matilda Simmonds , 16yrs   Grandad
Paveena Sidhu, 14yrs   Natural forms: The Forest
Charlotte Birdsall, 14yrs   Natural forms: Chicken
Olive Howland-Milne, 16yrs   Brother
Amy Hattey , 16yrs   Hidden
Heather Frobisher , 16yrs   Lost
Olivia Clarke , 17yrs   Anthropology # 1
Olivia Clarke , 17yrs   Anthropology # 2
Georgia Boundy , 14yrs   Natural forms: Skull
Mahima Burmi, 17yrs   Lisa
Mahima Burmi, 17yrs   Mr Harrower
Marta Garcia , 16yrs   Speak!
Katie Hopkins, 14yrs   Natural forms: Face
Eve Wale , 14yrs   Natural forms: Feather
Matilda Simmonds , 16yrs   The Fear
Eden Ritchie , 14yrs   Natural forms: Beating Heart
Megan Jacob, 17yrs   Demanded
Megan Jacob, 17yrs   Expected
Alice McLeod, 17yrs   Torn
Phoebe Roberts Shepherd , 17yrs   Burnt
Alice Mealing, 16yrs   Posh
Fern Morrey , 17yrs   Haunted