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The Petersfield School

Hampshire / United Kingdom

The Petersfield School At The Petersfield School, we are hugely proud of the consistent, very high attainment of our students. There is a very happy atmosphere at TPS due in no small part to the integral importance placed on the visual and performing arts. It is genuinely the sort of place where, despite its size, youngsters of every talent and aptitude can thrive and blossom.

Pupils' Art Works

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David, 16yrs   Boy in Striped Pyjamas
Liza, 16yrs   Memories
Eve, 16yrs   Phantom of The Opera
Jonothan, 16yrs   Untitled
Camilla, 15yrs   Robert Smith
George, 14yrs   Untitled
Imogen, 16yrs   Untitled
Peter, 15yrs   Untitled
Kit, 14yrs   Untitled
William, 15yrs   Untitled