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London / United Kingdom

st.anthony\'s St. Anthony's is an academic IAPS preparatory school for boys between the ages of 4 and 13. It is Roman Catholic but welcomes boys of other faiths.

Pupils' Art Works

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Spencer Hallat Wells & Nicholas Fulford, 10 yearsyrs   The eye of go
Stefano Cappelli, 11yrsyrs   The work of humans on aliens
Jay Hammond, age 10yrs   The queen is evil
Ramon Garcia-Rodenas, Age 11yrs   The Tepe Village In the Dessert.
William Goltz, age 10yrs   Natural beauty (perhaps)
Ben Leanord, 10yrs   The unexpected death
John Malpass, 10yrs   THE MULTI TASKING MAN
James McBain, 10yrs   Evil lava factory
Shanmukh Challa, 11yrs   Robot t-rex killing everything in its way
Tristan Alford & Spencer Hallatt Wells, 11&11yrs  
Oscar Thierbach Gati, Aged 10yrs   Dancing flame …
Charlie Tefoglou, 10yrs   Tornado in New York
Rohan Gallagher, 10yrs   BATTLE OF MONSTERS
Joaquin Ramirez, 10yrs   A TALE OF TWO CITIES
Tom Burgering, 10 Yearsyrs   Boat
Steffano Cappelli, 11yrs   Chance
Ted Mckenna, Age: 11yrs   THE FLAME
Spencer Hallet Wells, 11yrs  
Nicky Sartori di Borgoricco & Edward Rollo, 11 & 10yrs   The Eye of The Black Hole
Iggy Mcgregor, 10 Yrs oldyrs   LIFE ON ANOTHER PLANET  MUCH LIKE OURS
Nicolo Sartori di Borgoricco, 11yrs   The Scremm
James McBain, 10yrs   The Discus Thrower
Louis Penketh, 11yrs   Spinosaurus
Philippos Koutras, 11yrs   The bird, the butterfly and the unknown
Guy Jones, 10yrs   The mental stupidity of voting for Nigel Farrage
Tommaso Serra, 10yrs   Extraordinary nature
Nicholas Fulford, 10yrs   Abstract Piece
Max Gladwin, 11yrs  
Michael Sokel, 11yrs   Light and Dark
Tristan Alford, 10yrs   Monster
Alexander Muir, 10yrs   The death of Super Sumo and the freedom of Paris!
Alexandre Noel & Charles Clapham, 10&11yrs   The Spirit of Halloween
Julien Van Eetan, 11yrs   TWO DIFFERENT THINGS, ONE BODY.
Fletcher Masterson, 10yrs   ECHO
Ted McKenna & John Malpass, 11&10yrs   Into the unknown
Jay Hammond & Fletcher Masterson, 10yrs   String art
Leo D.S.Perceval.Campbell, 10yrs   A description of my views of the Scottish referendum, in objects
Sebastian Roberts & Joaquin Ramirez, 12 & 10yrs   Roadkill Zombie
Spencer Hallatt Wells, 11yrs  
Nicholas Charlier, 10yrs   Car crash!
Lucas Ng, 10yrs   Destruction of the Universe
Joshua Davis, Jacob Billington, Thomas De La Chaise, 10, 10, 11yrs   Old School Las Vegas
Sebastian Clarke, 11yrs   Worlds of Old and New
James Moores, 8yrs   Charicature