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Eaton Square School

London / United Kingdom

Eaton Square School Eaton Square School is an independent, coeducational Nursery, Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory school in the heart of central London, educating children from the age of 2 ½ to 13 years.

Pupils' Art Works

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Victor Ghose, 8yrs   \'Snowy Tree\'
Robbie Garza-Altuna, 11yrs   THE GALAXY WE DON\'T KNOW ABOUT
Paolo Pucci, 10yrs   Sunrise of the Cutlery
Paolo Pucci, 10yrs   Curves in the Grass
Paolo Pucci, 10yrs   Plops on the Lily-pad
Paolo Pucci, 10yrs   Protected Beauty
Victor Ghose, 8yrs   Playing With Light
Logan Cavanah, 12yrs   Pret a Manger