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Kelvin Hall

Hull / United Kingdom

Kelvin Hall Kelvin Hall School is an 'Outstanding' secondary school located in the west side of Hull City.
The ethos of Kelvin Hall School is one of passionate dedication, attention to detail, sensitivity to the needs of pupils and meticulous planning for success.
Our success within the community is based on a long tradition of working with, and for, parents and young people. We have extremely high aspirations for our young people and work in partnership to ensure that each individual gets all of the support they require to ensure they succeed.

Pupils' Art Works

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Julia Stankiewicz, 13yrs   Hundertwasser landscape
Zoi Sarris, 14yrs   Skull in Ink
Chloe Barker, 15yrs   Contrasted fragments
Emmalene Spence, 15yrs   Portrait in pencil
Hannah Pocklington, 15yrs   Animal Triptych
Fran Cone, 15yrs   Natural forms - a study
Amelia James, 15yrs   Starfish
Amelia James, 15yrs   Apple screen print
Tom Cornwell, 15yrs   The story so far....
Tom Cornwell, 15yrs   My book of wonders
Tom Cornwell, 15yrs   Illustrative fashion ideas
Jasmine Copeman-Bell, 15yrs   Insanity
Mariana Dasilva, 15yrs   Skull and heart