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Buckhaven High School

Buckhaven, / United Kingdom

Buckhaven High School Buckhaven High School is a six year co-educational non-denominational comprehensive school with a current roll of around 1300. The school has created a community of warmth, of purpose and of opportunities - academic, sporting and social. The Art and Design department work together to ensure the pupils have a rich and enjoyable experience of the subject during their school years.

Pupils' Art Works

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Aidan Landels, 17yrs   Prejudice
Bethany Farmer, 17yrs   Perspectives: Gran
Heather Millar, 17yrs   Man\'s inhumanity towards man
Aidan Landels, 17yrs   Amber
Aidan Landels, 17yrs   Amina
Alix Davidson, 17yrs   Folded flesh
Heather Millar, 17yrs   Inhumanity
Bethany Farmer, 17yrs   Perspectives (2)
Heather Millar, 17yrs   Struggle
Bethany Farmer, 17yrs   Granny Maggie
Bethany Farmer, 17yrs   Bernadette
Alix Davidson, 17yrs   Decaying plum
Taylor Gillies, 17yrs   Notions of Beauty
Taylor Gillies, 17yrs   Reflections (1)
Bethany Farmer, 17yrs   Taylor
Taylor Gillies, 17yrs   What is beauty
Alix Davidson, 17yrs   Flesh
Bethany Farmer, 17yrs   Perspectives: Bernadette
Bethany Farmer, 17yrs   Nostalgia
Bethany Farmer, 17yrs   Perspectives (1)
Bethany Farmer, 17yrs   Gran
Heather Millar, 17yrs   Inhumanity
Aidan Landels, 17yrs   Caelum
Alix Davidson, 17yrs   Flesh