30th anniversary
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Fettes College

Edinburgh / United Kingdom

FETTES COLLEGE Independent Co-Educational Boarding School

Pupils' Art Works

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Anna Whitley, 17yrs   Seaweed
Flora Hughes, 16yrs   Desktop
Elizabeth Reid, 18yrs   What Doesn\'t Heal You Harms You
Micol Borsani, 17yrs   Unity in Chaos
Micol Borsani, 17yrs   The Same but not The Same
Alex Egerton-King, 17yrs   Blue Balance
Katie Whitelaw, 16yrs   Abigail
George Cuthbert, 18yrs   Beach Memory
Daniel Mullins, 16yrs   Maps
Michael Hui, 18yrs   Music
Honor Halford Macleod, 15yrs   Body
Sian McKeever, 16yrs   Large Surroundings
Sian McKeever, 16yrs   In Conversation
Emily Heseltine, 16yrs   Decomposition
Abigail Pooley, 17yrs   Paper Places
Olivia Longstaff, 17yrs   Corner
Honor Petrie, 17yrs   Darkness
Sian McKeever, 17yrs   Precious Object