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Ipswich School

Ipswich / United Kingdom

Ipswich School Ipswich School is an independent school for 11-18 year olds in Suffolk.

We offer our pupils a supportive environment that encourages them to enjoy learning, grow in self-confidence and acquire a wide range of worthwhile interests. We believe that school should be a happy place where pupils receive a broad education that fires their imagination and develops their personality. High academic expectations are complemented by the development of values and skills that give them firm foundations for adult life.

We aim to provide an environment where pupils feel safe and brave in all they do, to present pupils with a wealth of opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, and to help them fulfil their passions. We believe that passion is a central part of an education at Ipswich School: passion for our subjects and activities, and for the transforming power of education to realise potential.

Pupils' Art Works

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Emma Baker, 17yrs   Connections
Emma Baker, 17yrs   Looking Back
Indigo Price, 18yrs   Anna 1
Indigo Price, 18yrs   Anna 2
Sasha Sharma, 18yrs   Tabby and her friend
Sasha Sharma, 18yrs   Watching You
Tabitha Carless-Frost, 17yrs   Daughter of Phorcys
Sasha Sharma, 18yrs  
Philippa Stanton, 16yrs  
Chiara Ciufo, 15yrs  
Dvaid Cadman, 15yrs  
Edwin (Cheuk Hin) Sze, 16yrs  
Elizabeth Howells, 15yrs  
Edwin (Cheuk Hin) Sze, 16yrs  
Elizabeth Howells, 15yrs  
Ellen Steensma, 16yrs  
Euan Caskie, 12yrs   Deconstructed Wickes Catalogue
Fran Evans, 16yrs  
Freya Auslebrook, 15yrs  
Freya Shepherd, 16yrs  
Freya Shepherd, 16yrs  
Inigo Chancellor, 16yrs  
Matilda Stogden, 15yrs  
Max Gillott, 16yrs  
Max Gillott, 16yrs  
Max Gillot, 16yrs  
Netia Krishna, 15yrs  
Orla Menzies, 15yrs  
Peonie Gage, 15yrs  
Rebecca Nelson, 16yrs  
Rebecca Nelson, 16yrs  
Sophie Friar, 15yrs