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Harris City Academy Crystal Palace

London / United Kingdom

Harris City Academy Crystal Palace Harris City Academy Crystal Palace is an ‘Outstanding' mixed comprehensive Academy in South East London. We are an ambitious school, delivering a high quality education for each one of our students. We aim to prepare young people for an ever-changing world that values self-confident, well-educated and enterprising people. To achieve this aim, we provide an education that meets the needs of young people delivered in an educational environment that emphasises traditional standards of uniform, discipline and respect.
Art and Design is taken very seriously and our aim is to give the students a firm foundation in the basic skills of drawing, painting, colour, sculpture, printing and ceramics. Observational study is a very important part of the basic skills and drawing from real things is a key starting point in many of the projects. This not only provides a rich and varied curriculum but prepares our GCSE students very well if they decide to opt for the subject. Our A-Level students benefit from small classes, high quality tutition from teachers with a range of disciplines.

Pupils' Art Works

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Katy Rogers , 18yrs   Sophie
Paige Howes, 18yrs   Passing (Triptych)
Shivani Patel, 18yrs   City Life
Ellie Dhiman, 18yrs   Slot together
Naomi Richards, 15yrs   Natural Forms
Matthew Dallas, 16yrs   Tomatoes
Shivani Patel, 18yrs   Messages
Aishwaree Mahadea, 16yrs   At home
Amil Kumar, 17yrs   Submerged
Claudia Camacho, 18yrs   These things...
Ellie Dhiman, 17yrs   Mother
Musawer Din, 18yrs   Favelas
Katy Rogers, 18yrs   Chorus
Laura Gaskell-Mew, 16yrs   Luca
Katie Davies, 15yrs   Hidden Identities
Savanna Kelly-Smith, 16yrs   My Journey
Rumyana Kazakova, 15yrs   Nature exposure portrait