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Benton Park School

Leeds / United Kingdom

Benton Park School We are a an 11-18 high school.

We pride ourselves on valuing each and every one of our students and as leaders we ensure they are at the centre of everything that we do.

Pupils' Art Works

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Millie Smith, 14yrs   SELFIE
Lily Beck, 15yrs   SELFIE
Libby Thompson, 14yrs   SELFIE
Archie Burden, 12yrs   CUBIST STILL-LIFE
Callum Armstrong, 14yrs   URBAN
Lucy Churchill, 13yrs   URBAN
Daniel Johnson, 14yrs   URBAN
Annabel Auty, 13yrs   URBAN
Joana Pereira, 13yrs   URBAN
Ellie Miller, 13yrs   URBAN
Joe Whitley, 13yrs   URBAN
Hrley Richmond, 13yrs   URBAN
Amy Whiteley, 13yrs   URBAN
Kacie Innes, 13yrs   STILL LIFE
Kira Wheble, 13yrs   STILL LIFE
Georgia Asquith, 13yrs   URBAN
Karen Kaur, 14yrs   URBAN
Estera Ulrich-Oltean, 13yrs   URBAN
Kira Gallagher, 13yrs   STILL LIFE
Priya Kaur, 13yrs   URBAN