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Camden School For Girls

London / United Kingdom

Camden School for Girls The Camden School for Girls (CSG) is a comprehensive secondary school for girls, with a co-educational sixth form, in the London Borough of Camden in North London. It has about one thousand students of ages eleven to eighteen, and specialist-school status as a Music College.The school has long been associated with the advancement of women's education.

Pupils' Art Works

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Annie T, 16yrs  
Anusha B, 16yrs  
Chloe F H, 16yrs  
Claudia, 16yrs  
Bali, 16yrs  
Dorothy, 16yrs  
Egzona, 16yrs  
Jess K, 16yrs  
Lucy H, 16yrs  
Zoe L, 16yrs  
Calypso, 18yrs  
Finn, 18yrs  
Fiona, 18yrs  
Hannah, 18yrs  
Hasna, 18yrs  
Helen, 18yrs  
Holly, 18yrs  
Molly, 18yrs  
Sophie, 18yrs  
Susannah, 18yrs  
Vita, 18yrs  
Flora, 18yrs  
Flora, 18yrs