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Frithwood Primary School

Northwood / United Kingdom

Frithwood Primary School Frithwood is a state double form entry primary school.

Pupils' Art Works

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Sam, 8yrs   Abstract map
Ben, 8yrs   Remembering trenches and poppies
Naphia, 10yrs   My cultural heritage
Catherine, 8yrs   Remembering trenches and poppies
Eva, 9yrs   Abstract map
Naaya, 8yrs   Abstract map
Haleema, 8yrs   Desert journey
Aaron, 9yrs   Abstract map
Mili, 10yrs   My Heritage
Andrea, 10yrs   My Heritage
Zoe, 10yrs   My Heritage
Thayani, 11yrs   My heritage
Tom, Year 11yrs   My heritage
Ella, 10yrs   My Cultural heritage