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The Sixth Form College Farnborough

Hampshire / United Kingdom

The Sixth Form College Farnborough The Sixth Form College Farnborough is a wonderful place to work and study! We believe that Fine Art is about expressing yourself personally, creatively and practically to the highest level. Our Fine Art course at The Sixth Form College Farnborough helps you develop skills, become more creative, have fun learning and most importantly achieve success!

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Pupils' Art Works

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Amelia Ord, 18yrs  
Elena Rivera-Montanes, 17yrs  
Katherine Gasperi, 17yrs  
Jennifer Irving, 18yrs   The Aesthetics of Language
Sophie Foster, 17yrs  
Beth Forde, 18yrs  
Claire McLennan , 17yrs  
Amelia Lewis-Colonna, 17yrs  
Robyn Salt, 17yrs  
Robyn Salt, 17yrs  
Robyn Salt, 17yrs  
Robyn Salt, 17yrs  
Tomasz Mrozkiewicz, 18yrs  
Chloe Whittall, 18yrs  
Tomasz Mrozkiewicz, 18yrs  
Philip Hawkins, 18yrs  
Sol Harding, 17yrs  
Charlie Bartlett, 17yrs  
Will Lyddon, 17yrs  
Emily Rose Brown, 17yrs  
Philip Hawkins, 18yrs  
Claire Frank, 18yrs  
Sophia Rivera-Montanes, 17yrs  
Christina Inoke, 18yrs  
Rachel Brown-Duthie, 17yrs  
Tomasz Mrozkiewicz, 18yrs  
Behina Batebi, 18yrs  
Kat Hall, 17yrs  
Holly Griffiths, 18yrs  
Amber Hickey, 17yrs  
Sol Harding, 17yrs  
Emma Butler, 18yrs   Creation of Adam by Michelangelo
Emma Butler, 18yrs   The Birth of Venus
Emma Butler, 18yrs   The Kiss
Emily Hatt, 17yrs  
Laura Pirkl, 18yrs  
Rebekah Lody, 18yrs   Junk Fruit
Rebekah Lody, 18yrs