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Dr Challoner's High

Little Chalfont / United Kingdom

Dr Challoner\'s High A selective grammar school, for girls aged 11-18.

Pupils' Art Works

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Yuliko B, 18yrs   structure
Yuliko B, 17yrs  
Natasha B-W, 18yrs   Trees
Tanya H, 18yrs   Room
Georgie P., 17yrs   Waterfall
Marnie R, 18yrs   Record
Marnie R, 18 yrs   Kid....
Marnie R., 18yrs   White still life
Marnie R., 17yrs   Baby
Marnie R., 18yrs  
Sophie S., 17yrs  
Sophie S., 17yrs   Tourists
Sophie S., 17yrs   Ebola
Ellie W., 17yrs   Me
Helen W., 18yrs   Neighbourhood
Isabella Y., 18yrs   Bird
Amara S., 16yrs   You are what you eat
Sophie A. , 16yrs   School
Laura C., 15yrs   After rehersal
Lauren E., 16yrs   Shells
Isobel H., 16yrs   Tears
Emma H. , 16yrs   Elves
Elidah K. , 16yrs  
Isobel L. , 14yrs   Storm
Ellie N. , 15yrs   Alice
Robin P., 14yrs  
Robin P. , 15yrs  
Tilly R., 17yrs   Limbs
Natasha B-W, 17yrs   Noel