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Sofia / Bulgaria

Sofia High School Of Matematics

Sofia High School of Matematics Sofia High School of Matematics (SMG ) “Paisij Hilendarski” educates children from 5 to 12 grade with general education program for secondary schools.

Sofia High School of Mathematics has been working 41 years in the direction of active education and discovery and development of mathematical talent in Bulgaria.


To discover mathematical talent as early as possible, to motivate children for excellence in mathematics and informatics and to present Bulgaria with dignity of European and international forums is the mission of the school in the face of management and the team of teachers.


In today's name SMG existed since 1971. Since the establishment of high school students of the school participate in the Balkan, European and international competitions in mathematics. SMG team develops methodologies, manuals and collections of tasks to prepare students for successful performance. Included in the teams children receive additional between 10 and 30 hours training for specific tasks of the current competition, which are made voluntarily by teachers. Normally, almost 100% of graduates SMG continue their education at universities at home and abroad, some of them that do well in the international forums were offered scholarships at prestigious universities in Europe and the US.

Pupils' Art Works

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