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Northampton / United Kingdom

The CE Academy The CE Academy provides alternative education for young people who are permanently excluded from school, dual registered and for school age mothers. We respond to the educational needs of pupils who would otherwise be attending mainstream/special schools.
Our KS3 students work with Fermynwoods Contemporary Art on a variety of twice weekly workshops led by a variety of national and international artists.

Pupils' Art Works

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Blossom Booth, 15yrs   Untitled
Jordan Jardine, 15yrs   Untitled
Cameron Williams Ferguson, 15yrs   This Is What A Feminist Looks Like
Cameron Williams Ferguson, 15yrs   Bark Obama
Craig Richardson, 13yrs   3D Cube
Blossom Booth, 15yrs   Blossom
Jordan Jardine, 15yrs   Wild Flowers
Christina Mitchell, 15yrs   Illustration
Reece Corr, 13yrs   Tramp
Jordan Jardine, 15yrs   Logs
Jordan Jardine, 15yrs   Logs 2
Lewis Dolan, 15yrs   Untitled
Henry Rivett, 14yrs   Mike
Henry Rivett, 14yrs   Perfect Drawing
Blake Robbins, 14yrs   Untitled
Molly Rae Timms, 14yrs   Untitled
Georgina James, 15yrs   Untitled
Georgina James, 15yrs   Untitled