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The Holy Cross School

New Malden / United Kingdom

The Holy Cross School A catholic school for girls aged 11-18. Three art endorsements are taught within the school at GCSE and A- Level; Fine Art, Art Craft & Design, Photography and Art Textiles.

Pupils' Art Works

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Daniel Art , 17yrs   Time
Jenny Art, 17yrs   Mind Map
Mariana Art , 18yrs   Taylor
Joanna Photography, 17yrs   Compact
Rukshi Photography, 17yrs   Blue Door
Sam Photography, 17yrs   The Prince and the Tissue
Stephanie Photography, 17yrs   Fragments of Light
Vanessa Textiles, 17yrs   Rust
Sophie Art, 17yrs   Lost Children.
Rebecca Textiles, 17yrs   Lifetime
Nicole Textiles, 17yrs   Crack
Katherine Textiles, 17yrs   Faded
Sophie Art, 17yrs   Seed
Phoebe Art, 16yrs   Decay
Rose Art, 18yrs   Cellular
Natalia Photography, 16yrs   Light
Katherine Photography, 17yrs   Structure