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Woldgate School And Sixth Form College

Pocklington / United Kingdom

Woldgate School and Sixth Form College Woldgate School and Sixth Form College is a mixed comprehensive located in the heart of the picturesque town of Pocklington on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds. The school teaches 1,300 11-18 year old students and has a vibrant expressive arts reputation.

Pupils' Art Works

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James , 16yrs   carcass
Callum, 16yrs   Waterfall
Alice, 16yrs   Puddle
Ella, 16yrs   Droplets
Lily, 16yrs   Fantastic and Strange
Alex, 16yrs   To the Point
Claire, 16yrs   Abstraction
Jodie, 16yrs   Watching
Ka'men, 16yrs   Slices
Sadie, 16yrs   Texture
Emma, 16yrs   Time
Alice, 16yrs   Transiency
Elizabeth, 16yrs   Pomegranate
Callum, 16yrs   Watching
Christopher, 18yrs   Inside the Machine