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Brentwood College School

Mill Bay / Canada

Brentwood College School Brentwood is a progressive, co-educational boarding school for Grades 9 to 12 located on a spectacular oceanfront campus on Vancouver Island, Canada. At Brentwood, student choice is a unique part of our culture and a deciding factor in who attends the School. This philosophy creates a warm, friendly, and passionate community of students from over 30 countries around the world who gain the independence and skills necessary to succeed in the post-secondary world. Since 1923, we have worked diligently to establish a modern, transformative place of learning and leadership, mirroring the educational experience of a small college rather than a traditional boarding school. Prospective students are drawn to our school’s innovative tripartite approach to academics, arts, and athletics; as well as our nurturing boarding environment and strong university preparatory programmes. Our unique scheduling creates unrivalled opportunities for student discovery and growth. Not only is Brentwood a remarkable place to make lifelong friends while gaining a world-class education, Brentwood truly is where students choose to be.

Pupils' Art Works

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Sasha Honchavora, 16yrs   Angel
Ellenna Ward, 17yrs   Reverie
Ella Meens-Kind, 16yrs   Original face
Jaclyn Childs, 17yrs   Black Dextromethorphan
Paige Ledingham, 17yrs   Floating Heads
Arthur Ray Lin, 18yrs   Concha
Gemma Else, 17yrs   Lines
Patricia Pham, 17yrs   Community
Tamara Cruz de Echeverria Weber, 18yrs   Water Dream I
Meril Heiss, 17yrs   Cars & Comics & Cutouts
Nessa Corrao-Bal, 17yrs   Spring Cleaning
Nessa Corrao-Bal, 17yrs   Maiden Viola
Nessa Corrao-Bal, 17yrs   3/4 of a Landscape
Tamara Cruz de Echeverrria Weber, 18yrs   Paz
Brianne Pavlis, 16yrs   Breaking Free
Ray Lin, 18yrs   Concha
Will Schokking, 17yrs   Guarded Love
Raihan Manji, 17yrs   Spin
Carlo Aiza, 17yrs   Separados
Jonathan MacDonald, 15yrs   Dreams
Ellenna Ward, 17yrs   Sky over Paris, November 2015
Hannah McDougall, 17yrs   pink rings
Hannah McDougall, 17yrs   Sometimes I can\'t believe it
Dina Ivanova, 16yrs   Of mice and men
Ellenna Ward, 17yrs   Kiss and city skyline
Sasha Honchavora, 16yrs   Fern tondo
Gemma Else, 17yrs   Inferno
Joe Krysl, 18yrs  
Joe Krysl, 18yrs   Sisimiut
Joe Krysl, 18yrs  
Joe Krysl, 18yrs   West Bound Train