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Haringey 6th Form Centre

London / United Kingdom

haringey 6th form centre Haringey Sixth Form Centre is a 16 19 establishment which opened in September 2007. It is the sixth form provision for five secondary schools and three special schools in the London Borough of Haringey. The main feeder schools at the Centre are located in some of the most deprived boroughs in England and for many of our students study at the Centre represents a fresh start to their education.

Pupils' Art Works

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Cerisse McInnes, 17yrs   self potrait
Clarice Ward , 18yrs   grandmother
clarice ward, 18yrs   men at work
fareedah quadri, 18yrs   self portrait
Christine Smith, 18yrs   my brother
christine Smith, 18yrs   my brother (2 of 4)
Christine Smith, 18yrs   my brother (3 of 4)
Chrisitne Smith , 18yrs   my brother 4/4
ejow onomousiuko, 19yrs   men at work 2/4
ejow onomousiuko, 19yrs   men at work
ejo onomousiuko , 19yrs   men at work
Anna Maka, 18yrs   Wax Atmosphere 1
Anna Maka, 18yrs   Wax geology
Anna Maka, 18yrs   Wax abstraction
Anna Maka, 18yrs   Wax Cloud
Christine Smith, 18yrs   Untitled (Self-Portrait)
Christine Smith, 18yrs   Untitled (Self-Portrait as a girl)
Cerise McInnis, 18yrs   Self Portrait Black on Black