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Kluczbork / Poland

Zesp├│┼é Szk├│┼é Og├│lnokszta┼éc─ůcych Im. Adama Mickiewicza W Kluczborku

Zesp├│┼é Szk├│┼é Og├│lnokszta┼éc─ůcych im. Adama Mickiewicza w Kluczborku Our school is a school complex consisting of middle school (students aged 13-15) and general secondary school with students aged 16-19. There are around 500 students in our general secondary school. There are 5 diffeferent classes with major in
- maths and physics
- maths and IT
- biology and chemistry
- history, Polish and civics
- and so called pharmacy class
The first class is almost the same for every student when it comes to the subjects. The second and third year concentrates on their major to prepare them well for their school leaving exam and future studies. The students also have two compulsory languages to study. One of the languages has extended curriculum. They usually choose English as the main language and German as the second one. They also have a possibility of studying French and Russian. There are students not only from my town but
also from nearby villages and towns

Pupils' Art Works

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