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Sevenoaks School

Sevenoaks / United Kingdom

Sevenoaks School Independent, mixed day and boarding school

Pupils' Art Works

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Max White, 17yrs   Dusk
Freya Sackville-West, 17yrs   Figure in red
Rebecca Mocatta, 17yrs   New York Triptych
Oliver Kidd, 16yrs   Congregation
Isabella Norris, 17yrs   Extremes
Anna Woodward, 17yrs   Arrangement
Freya Sackville-West, 17yrs   Knole Bark
Max Paillard, 17yrs   Squared
Rebecca Mocatta, 17yrs   Sectional
Amelia Hunt, 17yrs   Strung
Oliver Banks, 16yrs   Stretch
Anna Woodward, 17yrs   Stitched up
Gabriella Wilks, 15yrs   Slipped
Bunmi Agusto, 16yrs   Surround
Clare Cooke, 16yrs   Hand to Earth
Katharina Vrolijk, 17yrs   Topology
Anesu Rukezo, 16yrs   Flux
Mhairi Fenton, 16yrs   Self
Anesu Rukezo, 16yrs   Figure in Blue
Armaan Bansal, 16yrs   Femme Assise
Victoria Menard, 16yrs   Laid Over
Max White, 17yrs   Rush Hour
Rohan Tolat, 16yrs   Pienso
Victoria Robson, 16yrs   Present