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The American School Of Switzerland

Montagnola / Switzerland

The American School of Switzerland TASIS is an international day/boarding school in Lugano, Switzerland
Grades PreK-12

Pupils' Art Works

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OG, 18yrs   Self Portrait
ZQ, 16yrs   Study in Design
AD, 14yrs   Distortion
AM, 17yrs   Silent
EK, 16yrs   Night Motion
SE, 18yrs   My Mother
SE, 18yrs   My Mother
IM, 16yrs   Venice - Waiting
MZ, 18yrs   Car
MZ, 18yrs   Hibiscus
SE, 18yrs   Self Portrait
MF, 16yrs   Self Portrait
MH, 18yrs   Jurassic Gentilino
MH, 18yrs   A Study in Green
AA, 14yrs   Selfie in a Bathroom
LW, 17yrs   Texture
GA, 16yrs   Self Portrait
MK, 18yrs   Ribcage
ER, 15yrs   Portrait
ER, 15yrs   Portrait
MH, 18yrs   Nourish
DA, 16yrs   Venice at Dusk
AC, 18yrs   Self Portrait
FZ and GM, 15 and 14yrs   Pals