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LittleMasters LittleMasters is a Not For Profit art studio teaching Primary and Secondary school children skills in drawing and painting. Our children represent 17 local schools.
All Saints CofE Primary
Macaulay CofE Primary
Avonmore Primary
Fulham Prep (Primary)
Kensington Prep (Primary)
Thomas's (Primary)
The Vineyard (Primary)
Bute House (Primary)
St. Barnabas & St. Philip's Primary School
L'Ecole de Battersea (Primary)
St. Augustine's RC Primary School
Jacques Prevert (Primary)
Lycee Charles De Gaulle (Secondary)
Lady Margaret Academy (Secondary)
Fulham Cross (Secondary)
Godolphin & Latymer (Secondary)
Marie d'Orliac french school (Primary)

Pupils' Art Works

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Jemima, Age 12yrs  
Jemima, Age 12yrs   Coco Chanel
Joshua, age 8yrs   Ships (after unknown artist)
Izzy, Age 12yrs   Girl with the Pearl Earring after Johannes Vermeer
Jemima, Age 13yrs   Study of a Teenager
Rosana, Age 13yrs  
Aino, Age 9yrs   Pears
Rosana, Age 12yrs  
Sophia E., Age 9yrs   Swans (after unknown artist)
Iona, Age 9yrs   Penguins in the Antartic
Joseph, Age 9yrs   Motorbike (after unknown artist)
Vivien, Age 10yrs   A Young Foal (after unknown artist)
Mary, Age 12yrs   Study of The Blue House after Marc Chagall
Sofia R., age 8yrs   Parrot
Lily W., Age 8yrs   Ballerina (after unknown artist)
Andoni, Age 9yrs   Antartic Penguins
Fiona, Age 9yrs   Dolphin (after unknown artist)
Katie, Age 9yrs   Butterflies (after unknown artist)
Celeste, Age 9yrs   Butterfly (after unknown artist)
Ram, Age 11yrs   Study of Lion (after unknown artist)
Macy, age 8yrs   Oranges
Lily T., age 8yrs   Flower
Milo, age 8yrs   Above the Clouds
Jessica, age 8yrs   Ballet Dancer
Grace, Age 10yrs   Purple Fantasy
Kate N., Age 9yrs   Cobra
Sophia H., age 8yrs   Still Life
Sophie W., Age 6yrs   Purple Flower
Yusuf, Age 10yrs   Red Car
Jonti, age 8yrs   Leaves inspired by Matisse
Yuma, age 9yrs   Flowers in a Vase Still Life
Marianne, Age 9yrs   Study of \'The Girl with Green Eyes\' after Matisse
Grace H., Age 7yrs   Tucan
Alice, Age 9yrs   Study of Fish after unknown artist
Clarissa, Age 9yrs   Study of \'The Dessert\' after Matisse
Sakura, Age 10yrs   Flowers Still Life
Pashmina, Age 7yrs   Mad Shark
Daphne, Age 7yrs   Red Lily
Sulafa, age 8yrs   Study of \'The Girl with Green Eyes\' after Matisse
Louis, Age 7yrs   Study of Millbank after William Turner
Mary, Age 11yrs   Study of The Blue House after Marc Chagall
Mary, Age 11yrs   Lion Portrait
Alex, Age 6yrs   Little Bird
Otto, Age 4yrs   Tank
Sumi, Age 9yrs  
Ottilie, Age 7yrs   Lady
Bella B., age 8yrs   Parrot
Mia T., Age 6yrs   Study of \'Woman in a Purple Coat\' after Matisse
Emma, Age 11yrs   Pears
Sophie S., age 8yrs   Still Life after Cezanne
Lucy P., Age 7yrs   Fish
Liv, age 8yrs   Study of Still Life after Cezanne
Dinelle, Age 9yrs   Lilac Flower
Zara, Age 7yrs   Little Red Bird
Isadora, age 8yrs   Study of Starry Night after Van Gogh
Alfie, Age 10yrs   Elephant Portrait
Lavinia, age 8yrs   Skull
Oliver, Age 9yrs   Still Life