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Mayfield School

East Sussex / United Kingdom

Mayfield School Catholic Girls independent day and boarding school

Pupils' Art Works

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Charlotte Field , 18yrs   Angel\'s Wing
Kate Saldanha, 18yrs   Cathedral vessel
Itunu Daniel, 18yrs   Slavery Vase
Itunu Daniel, 18yrs   Dancing Vessel
Abbie La Rooy, 18yrs   Cornish landscape
Frankie Barnes, 18yrs   Stone bowl
Kitty Evans-Smith, 18yrs   Love
Kitty Evans-Smith, 18yrs   Moon
Saskia Raw, 18yrs   24 hours
Saskia Raw, 18yrs   Mk 1 Tank \
Charlotte field, 18yrs   Highland cow
Beatrice Cardozo, 18yrs   Deforestation
Yasmin Whitlock, 16yrs   Disjointed
Maria Wolonciej, 16yrs   Maria