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The John Fisher School

Purley / United Kingdom

The John Fisher School Boys' Catholic Comprehensive

Pupils' Art Works

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Alexander Rak, 17yrs   Decay
Gianluca de Sisto, 18yrs   Hubris
Merrin Tope-Mcmanus, 18yrs   Abstract
Christopher Corish, 17yrs   Decaying can
Gianluca Malavasi, 15yrs   Ties
James Love, 16yrs   Compost
Kieran Smith-Collins, 17yrs   Pepper I
Kieran Smith-Collins, 17yrs   Pepper II
Ruairi Gildea, 16yrs   Bowling
Iain Gillespie, 17yrs   Treachery of the Physical
Shaun Ollivierre, 15yrs   Pick and Mix
Joe Diver, 16yrs   Fab
Jimmy O'Keefe, 16yrs   Decay
Brogan Quinn, 17yrs   South Bank
Christopher Corish, 17yrs   untitled
James Whiteley, 17yrs   Strangers on a Train
William Markwick, 18yrs   War
James Whiteley, 17yrs   Strangers on a Train II