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Sanquhar Primary School

Sanquhar / United Kingdom

Sanquhar Primary School Sanquhar Primary School is located in the Scottish region of Dumfries and Galloway. It comprises of a nursery, P1-7 primary classes and has it's own learning centre. We strive to create a stimulating, active and creative learning environment, where children are motivated, enthusiastic and keen to learn.

Pupils' Art Works

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Shannon , 10yrs   Self Portrait
Tyana , 10yrs   Self Portrait
Brody , 10yrs   Self Portrait
Kalum, 9yrs  
Aaron, 11yrs   Lighthouse in chalk pastels and pencil
Ellie, 11yrs   Bridge over Water
Ryan, 11yrs   Speed
Millar, 10yrs   Cubism Portrait
Lorne, 10yrs   Cubism Portrait
Riley, 4yrs   Autumn Trees
Riley, 4yrs   Self Portrait
Harris, 4yrs   Self Portrait
All pupils , 8yrs   Seasons