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Kimbolton School

Huntingdon / United Kingdom

Kimbolton School Independent Senior School

Pupils' Art Works

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M. Bird, 17yrs   Reflected Space
K. Lyster, 16yrs   Fragment
S.Blake, 16yrs   Fried Food
I.O'Riordan, 16yrs   Staircase
E. Giles, 15yrs   Kitty
I. O'Riordan, 16yrs   Brother
I. O'Riordan, 16yrs   Sister
W. Day, 16yrs   Circle
W. Day, 16yrs   Spin
W.Day, 16yrs   Sky
E. Giles, 15yrs   KitKat
J.Craze, 18yrs   Garden
J. Percival, 14yrs   Sense of Place
T. Clay, 14yrs   Station