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St George's British International School

Rome / Italy

St George\'s British International School St George's British International School of Rome is an independent, not-for-profit HMC school. We were founded in 1958 and cater for boys and girls from the age of 3 to 18. Our students come from over 60 countries and share a diverse and constantly evolving array of knowledge, cultural perspectives, capacities, inclinations and interests. They are exposed to the diverse stimuli of Rome, and the wider, increasingly globalised society. We aim to help each individual to develop the practical, theoretical and investigative skills necessary to engage in the critical, creative and cultural exploration of the world around them.

Pupils' Art Works

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Flavia B, 18yrs   Ceylon Tea
Flavia B, 18yrs   Three Generations Triptych
Chiara C, 18yrs   Ubiquitous Nature
Chiara C, 18yrs   Ambiguous Forces Triptych
Chiara C, 18yrs   Rocket Man
Emily W, 18yrs   Rulers Of Agriculture
Emily W, 18yrs   Granny Marge In Sunshine
Emily W, 18yrs   The Bloom Of The Alternating Strands Of Movement (Madrid Dress)
Emily W, 18yrs   Dissection Of The Eiffel Tower
Julie C, 18yrs   Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
Julie C, 18yrs   Mineralized Endoskeleton
Nicole F, 18yrs   A Little Dream, Smashed Together
Nicole F, 18yrs   The Wound
Lavinia G, 18yrs   Uncertain Presence
Lavinia G, 18yrs   Figurehead Of Distortion
Claudia M, 18yrs   You cannot not-be on a boat
Claudia M, 18yrs   “8848”
Claudia M, 18yrs   “I\'ll seize you and crush you and wrench you apart. Though no one may gaze on my singular heart.”  (The King)
Claudia M, 18yrs   “The Drownage of Chrysanthemums”
Claudia M, 18yrs   “Therefore, a prince must know how to make good use of the natures of both the beast and the man.” (The Prince)
Georgie B, 18yrs   Interruption Of Flow
Georgie B, 18yrs   Synaesthesia (Holi Festival)
Bianca R, 18yrs   Bibi with Jellyfish
Bianca R, 18yrs   Light Harmony
Giulia C, 18yrs   Juxtaposition Of Symmetry
Mario A, 18yrs   The Vein
Capucine M, 18yrs   Birds & Angels in Rome
Sylvia M, 16yrs   How do You See Me?
Giulia G, 16yrs   So Close
Zuzanna K , 16yrs   My Dog
Zuzanna K, 16yrs   The Watcher
Ruihong J, 14yrs   My Home and my Cultures
Margherita S, 15yrs   Cultural Environments