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Castle Hill Academy

Croydon / United Kingdom

Castle Hill Academy Castle Hill Academy is a two form primary school in the borough of Croydon. We are a diverse school and art is an important part of our curriculum. Our school values are: Respect, Enjoyment, Achievement, Cooperation and Honest.

We are creative and we are proud of our school, which is covered in our beautiful artwork.

Pupils' Art Works

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Chrissy and Jada, 11yrs   Building
Angel, 11yrs   Cactus
Christal, 11yrs   Train
Christabel, 11yrs   Flower
Shawna, 9yrs   Princess
Trisha, 8yrs   Volcano
Mohammad and Caleb, 8yrs   Broken crocodile
Bailey, 11yrs   World peace
Sky, 8yrs   Plague
Kyra, 8yrs   Volcano
Noah and Louie, 8yrs   Ghost