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Jubilee Primary School

London / United Kingdom

Jubilee Primary School We are a state primary school in Hackney, London. This is an area rich with diversity where Art is an important part of our creative learning community and valued highly.

Pupils' Art Works

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Ash Class, 10/11yrs   London
Spike, 10yrs   Islamic tiles
Year 1, 5yrs   Pirates
Ash and Oak Class, 10/11yrs   Sketchbooks
Mimi , 10 yrs   The London Eye
Melisa, 10yrs   London
Oak and Ash Class, 10/11yrs   Greek pots
Year 6, 10/11yrs   London
Ash Class, 10/11yrs   Sketchbooks at British Museum
Year 5, 9yrs   Close up of the meadow