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Daun Children Art School

Gresik / Indonesia

Daun Children Art School Daun (Leaf) - The Nature's Ambassador for Environtment

I begin from all the smallest things, I help children to paint, and to paint with their heart. It puts a smile on my face, as nature come to life through the stroke of their little hands. You are like the buds that will continue to thrive, and through gentlle companionship, flourish into green fertile shoots and lush ripen fruits ... eager to embrace the future.

Pupils' Art Works

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Kennard Alvaro Hadinata, 6yrs   Pizzeria
Lea Sathya, 13yrs   Broken City
Thifalia Raudina Mahardya, 9yrs   Cry
Alicia Angelica Jatmiko, 5 yrs   Me and my best friend
Audrey Angeline Jatmiko, 7yrs   Frangipani Tree
Shafiyyah Hasna Rahman, 7yrs   Lonely Flower
Ayang Chairunnisa Yustanty, 12yrs   Burned Forest
Sabrina Humaira, 10 yrs   The dew and spring
Daffa Aqilah Ramadhan Putra Gie, 6yrs   urban people
Gwen Kenji Senjaya, 7yrs   my home sweet home
Elisabeth Nancy Kallawat, 10yrs   My Flowers and Butterflies