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Trinity School

Croydon / United Kingdom

Trinity School Independent boys school with a mixed sixth form.

Pupils' Art Works

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Chris Obrien 2, 18yrs   Philosophy 2
Chris Obrien 1, 18yrs   Philosophy 1
Hayley Smith, 18yrs   Colour & Movement
Hayley Smith, 18yrs   Colour and Movement
Jamie Lambert, 18yrs   Tower Construction
Jamie Lambert, 18yrs   Colour and Space
Hugo Hutchins, 18yrs   Religion and Society
Hugo Hutchins, 18yrs   Religion and Parody
Nick Chrumka, 18yrs   Structures.1
Nick Chrumka, 18yrs   Structures.2
Billy Searle, 18 Yrsyrs   Untitled
Billy Searle, 18 yrsyrs   Untitled 2
Jordan Carp, 17yrs   Stretched Time
Jordan Carp, 17 yrs   Untitled