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Ocean Knoll Elementary

Encinitas / United States

Ocean Knoll Elementary Ocean Knoll is an elementary school on the coast of Southern California including grades Kinder through 6th ( approximate ages 5 to 12 years). We were confirmed as an IB school in 2013 and have a diverse and rich learning environment, including a garden and nutrition program, yoga, language and music. Our art program is parent run and relies on the generosity of our parent volunteers, and donations from our PTA.

Pupils' Art Works

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Jaylee Doan, 10yrs   Type Writer
Mae MacClave, 8yrs   Candy Land Mix Up
Ellie Clark, 11yrs   Color In The Sky
Hannah Barker, 9yrs   The Bird That Could Fly
Riley Balogh, 7yrs   Rainbow Galaxy
Julia Morrow, 10yrs   Clouds of Confetti
India Denson, 10yrs   Cloud Creatures
Alex Baxter, 9yrs   Wishing
Devon Swaney, 11yrs   Imagination is the Key to Dreaming
India Denson, Naia Riggenbach, Ellie Clark, Cassandra Cinzori, Kyle and Aidan Breslin, Nico Quanbeck, Jose Funes, Gwen Graham, Billy Leonard, Karla Balberas, Elise Nunez, Kai Williams, Tatyana, Camila Martinez , Noah Shamlou, 10yrs   Pack of Pangolins