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Xin Zhong School

Surabaya / Indonesia

Xin Zhong School Xin Zhong School is a highly-qualified institution rooted in Asia culture. The school provides a conducive learning atmosphere for students to build their character, develop their intelligences, enhance their creativity, and acquire communication skills in Chinese, English, and Indonesian.

At Xin Zhong School we are cultivating future Asian leaders to create a prosperous, just, and peaceful world.

Pupils' Art Works

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Rubby Anastasya Sanjaya, 7yrs   Me - The Princess of The World
Tyanna Naeva Simbolon, 7yrs   A Man
Kennard Alvaro Hadinata, 7yrs   Cities
Jason Matthew Suhari, 10yrs   The Old City
Tyanna Naeva Simbolon, 7yrs   My Little Sister
Kimberly Chantal Ho, 7yrs   Starry Night by the River
Kennard Alvaro Hadinata, 7yrs   Robots
Kennard Alvaro Hadinata, 7yrs   Traditional vs Modern
Clio Chandra Fanggidae, 7yrs   Four Feelings
Grade 1 - 4 Xin Zhong Primary School, 6 - 10yrs   Schooltime Dreams (Colage on Paper)
Kennard Alvaro Hadinata, 7yrs   Robots of the Future
Kennard Alvaro Hadinata, 7yrs   The Pipes of Everything