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The English International School Of Padua

Padova / Italy

The English International School of Padua The school caters for children from 18 months up to 18 years of age and was established with the intention of developing – through experience of cultural diversity alongside active attainment of information, facts and skills – the awareness indispensable for a deep and thorough understanding of reality. One of the first aims, therefore, is to establish in our students a progressive acquisition and development of an open and active mind, ready to accept new situations and ideas.

Pupils' Art Works

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ELISA Nalon, 14 years oldyrs   Lily pad
Giorgia Fabbrini, 14 years oldyrs   Sensation of extreme sports
Giorgia, Calgaroyrs   Self portrait
Dymitr Ignatiuk, 14 years oldyrs   Dolomites
Rosheni Fernando, 15 years oldyrs   sant\'Antonio basilica Padova
Giorgia Calgaro, 15 years oldyrs   Self portrait
Giorgia Fabbrini , 15 years oldyrs   Portrait of Veronica
Alexander Kock, 16 years oldyrs   Portrait of my mother
Chanilka De Silva, 17 years oldyrs   Glass in context
Zaccaria Rodrigo Massagrande, 16 years oldyrs   Clock in context
Mattel Della Costa, 16 years oldyrs   Observational drawing of man made objects
Veronica Merigliano, 13 years oldyrs   Portrait